Project Title: Requesting financial support for Training the future leaders to fight for human rights and against injustices toward the poor, especially for the children’s right through the formation of children parliaments and free tuition centers.

Project Applicant:            Fr. R. Isaac, OFM, Cap., MSW (CD)

The President-NCN UNIT-Dindigul.

(Net Work for Promoting Neighbourhood Parliaments), Anugraha,

                                      319, Nochiodai Patty,

                                      Dindigul East- 624 003. S.India.

Legal Holder:                  Fr. R. Isaac, OFM, Cap., MSW (CD)

                                      Finance Trustee, Anugraha - Trust,

Paduvai Nagar, Nochiodai Patty,

                                      Dindigul East- 624 003.-S.



Aid Requested:               Rs. 8,90,000.00/ = Euro: 15,600/- (In INR eighth lakhs, and ninety thousands only)

Account Number:            S.B. A/C N0: 53. 31822.

                  ANUGRAHA TRUST. Reg.No. 113/2006.

                                      The South Indian Bank Limited.

                                      DINDIGUL. –S.



1.     Background:

“ANUGRAHA TRUST” serves the society according to its name which denotes “

A Place
of Refuge for all kinds of Poverty stricken People with appropriate treatment and Rehabilitation Measures”. It has been serving the society for the past 15 years from 1989 in various aspects. Anugraha has a Counseling, Psychotherapy and Research center run by the Capuchins of Tamil Nadu,






. We offer professional psychotherapy training, counseling training and supervision. It is located at Nochiyodaipatty a village 10 kilo meters away from the main City Dindigul.

The Anugraha Trust is the coordinating NGO for all the 28 NOGs in the net work for promoting Children parliament and Neighborhood parliaments in Dindigul region that includes


, Trichy and


areas. Anugraha was promoting this concept for the past one year and all the other NGOs joined with Anugraha as net working partners in August 2006. we have established our net work structure legitimately and started to function in Dindigul region.

Our Achievements through net working in the past seven months:

a)     Seminars and training programs on Children parliaments and Neighborhood parliaments were organized for all the net working NGOs to implant the concept and we had five such programs to make the concept clear.

b)    We had also organized seminars on skills and capacity building to materialize the concept in the villages and other regional level.

c)     The Norms and regulations for the net working NGOs were formed and that were acknowledged by all member NGOs.

d)    The method of forming the Children’s Parliament and the skills and the strategies to be followed in our approaches were formulated and given to all member NGOs.

e)     The net working NGOs have established 115(one hundred and fifteen) children parliaments until now in the proposed areas only.

f)      The total number of children in 135 children parliaments are 2,360 ( two thousand, three hundred and sixty one).

g)     We had organized two seminars for all the net working NGO members on “Personality Development and on how to understand the children psychology” so as to have appropriate approach in dealing with the children.

h)     We had invited three representatives from each children parliament to participate one day seminar held at Anugraha campus so as to enlighten them on the functioning of children parliament and the responsibilities of each minister, the goal and objectives of the children parliaments. There were altogether 300 children from 115 parliaments.

i)       The seminar was conducted on


and the participation of the children was marvelous. They did the social mapping in order to identify the needs and social problems of their own areas. They came out with terrific social issues which are over looked by the elders. We were surprised to hear their suggestions and decisions and their would be initiatives to rectify those social issues.

j)       They were also initiated to have social analytical approach, awareness on social issues, how to plane and execute the same.

k)     In many villages children from children’s parliament have participated in the Grama Sabha (village panchayath meetings) and expressed their local social needs through their petitions and have made effect some of their suggestions.

l)       In many panchayaths they have organized talents day where the children were encouraged in Drawing, writing, Singing, Dancing, Sports, etc…

m)  Many children parliaments have taken initiatives to keep their villages clean and continue to promote environment protection.

n)     At present we are planning to have district and regional level gathering of all the children under the president-ship of district collector. We plane to have children Rally, Public meeting with district collector and other local leaders in the month of may 2007.