4. Goal 

          The prime concern of this project is to create a New Society with New Structural Changes with Multi Tier Structures where the present structure of Representative but Indirect Democracy will disappear and a Real Direct Participatory Democracy will emerge where people rule themselves by coming together, planning together, executing together, Monitoring together, Replanning together towards better development in their own living areas through the formation of Children’s parliament and Neighborhood parliament in the national level. 


5. Strategic Objectives

1. To create more evening free tuition centers in the villages specially so as to create Neighborhood children’s parliament and neighborhood parliament from the grass root levels to the National level.

2. The net working of children’s parliament starts from the village level and develops into panchayath level, Panchayath union level, District level, state level, National level and finally to the Inter national level.

3. To increase the sense of Universal Brotherhood since the formation of children’s parliament is done irrespective of Caste, Religion, Status etc..

4. To create an awareness on Direct Participatory Democracy and guide them to practice it in their own living area.

5. To train them to have social Analytical out look both in thinking and acting.

6. To make the children to feel their responsibility in their personal growth as well as the community and national growth.

7. To concentrate on their wholistic growth and development.

8. To help the children to grow in better personality development through various seminars, Counseling and guidance.

9. To increase the educational standard of the children.

10. To make the children to own the responsibility of increasing the school attendance and increasing the learning capacities, also to reduce the school drop outs.

11. To train the children to grow as responsible citizens of the Nation.

12. To instill in them the right leadership qualities so that the future new society will have the Charismatic Leaders who will eliminate corruptions and create a peace and just society.

13. To produce the leaders who would act responsibly with honesty and Sincerity.

14. To promote environment protection freed from pollutions and also practice the sense of cleanliness both personal and communal.

15. To create awareness on socio economic, political and Religious conditions of the time and help them to grow with right attitudes in these fields.

16. To create Net work with all the children in the National level.

17. To encourage the children in their uniqueness with their personal talents and skills and to develop the same.

18. To make them understand the value of being Unity in Diversity.

19. To make the children to know their rights promulgated through UN Commission and thus stand for their rights.

20. To conscientize the children to care for each other in their own region so that every one becomes their brother’s keeper.

21. To make the children to involve themselves in planning, Participating, Executing, Monitoring, Evaluating and Replanning for the future.

22. To become organized to fight for Human Rights and thus create a New Society.