6. Methodology.

                   There are 306 Panchayaths in the district of Dindigul and to make the work more effective we need to appoint at least 50 teachers to cover up 50 villages as to educate the children who are already in the children parliaments. In fact we need to appoint at least one hundred animators or teachers who could cover all the panchayaths in the district. In order to reduce the economic burden and also to offer education to the already existing children parliament we request you to support for 50 centers first. These appointments will be distributed all over dindigul district so as to cover the whole district. We will be appointing the teachers as soon as we get a positive reply from you.

The Process of the formation of the children parliaments:

1. The first level is done in the villages in every street. The children belonging to thirty families (25 to 30) children form a parliament. The number is limited so that everybody can have equal and effective participation and we make to study in the free evening tuition center in the same village.

2. The second level is based on panchayath. A representative from every      parliament will form a panchayath level parliament.

3. The third level is in the panchayath Union level. A representative from each panchayath will form the Union level Parliament.

4. The fourth level is the formation of District level parliament.

5. The fifth level is the formation of state level parliament.

6. The sixth level will be in the National level parliament.

7. The seventh level will be in the International level parliament.

The teachers cum animators may have to work for minimum of three years. Once we establish the parliaments and make them to function by themselves through evening tuition centers, then they become the agent for themselves. They take up the responsibility of organizing themselves.

The implementation of the project and the accomplishment will be done in consultation with all the Net working NGOs animated by the Coordinating NGO Anugraha. We have already formed and established (135) one hundred and fifteen children parliaments and youth parliaments with (2,360) two thousand and three sixty children in dindigul region. We also had one district level gathering of all the children and offered them one day Seminar in personality development and leadership qualities. The project will be executed as it is mentioned in the objectives with full vigor as soon as we receive a positive reply from you.

7) The Budget for the Proposed Project:

1) Salary for 50 teachers in 50 villages (40 parishes)

(Rs. 1000 x 50 x 12 Months)          =  Rs. 6,00,000.00/-

2) Sports and learning of various skills     =   Rs.    50,000.00/-

          (Rs. 1000 x 50 tuition centers)

3) Entertainments and gifts to encourage  =   Rs. 1,00,000.00/-

(Includes annual valedictory seminars and

teachers’ entertainments. 50x2000)

4) Coordinators Salary(Rs. 2,500 x 1x 12)=   Rs.    30,000.00/-

5) Tables and Chairs, writing materials     =   Rs. 1,50,000.00/-


6) Study materials like books, Notes and

    Dictionaries (1000x30centers)               =   Rs.    50,000.00/-


Total                            =Rs.  9,80,000.00/-


Less local contribution ------------------------         =Rs.     90,000.00


The amount requested from your kindness      = Rs.  8,90,000.00/-

          (for one year only)                                     -----------------------

Thus totally Rs. 8,90,000.00/ = Euro: 15,600/- (In INR eighth lakhs, and ninety thousands only) is here by applied for the above mentioned project from your concern. 

Note: You may also support us with your grants in installments.