8) The Expected outcome:

1. Free tuition centers are the best means to gather the children so as to          support them in education as well as to form the children parliaments to   instill in them the social education and leadership qualities to become a man of righteousness.


2.     Since these parliaments are smallness in number, It has easy access to gather and organize the persons. Also through the practices of the principles like principle of Subsidiarity (ie) whatever can get done at lower level is done at that level and not taken to the higher level. The higher parliaments are to take up the matters that which are not able to be handled at the lower level. The second principle of Convergence makes all the government benefit schemes should go through or reach out to the people only through these parliaments so that benefits reaches to the really suffering and needy people. The people themselves become agents and responsible for the development of the society. The third principle would be Facility to Recall representatives by which the representatives are called back from their status if they are not sincere and representing the mind of the people.

The application of these principles results in “Better representative character as it includes all, More transparency, More answerability and accountability, Permanency and sustainability (people stay around in the neighborhood and the structure cannot fall down because it is already at the base), better accessibility, better organizability, better coverage. There will be no room for corruption; there will be justice and equality. The politicians will be accountable; people will have the governing processes. As vast majority of the people are poor, the concerns of the poor will be better addressed, Poverty will be eradicated.

3. This form of governance ensures and responds to the needs of people, especially the least and lends a hand to make democracy more direct democratic than what it is now.

4. It ensures a new order where the power operates not from above but from below where for that matter, planning, budgeting, organizing, implementing, monitoring, almost everything is from below. In this way the economics from below, health from below and politics from below.

5. It provides alternative and appropriate structures for people especially to those at the base to come together, discuss together, decide together, act together and make people to participate meaningfully and adequately.

6. In this Multi Tier Representative Structure the State , Nation and the world will function as if the people especially the least and voiceless matter and have a voice. Also a world where everyone honorably and with dignity belongs together and people will have once again scope to be and act as a community.

7. Sustainable development is ensured through this approach.

8. The children parliament forum could be the most accessible forum to get initiated into social action.

9. By creating the creative and just leaders of the future we will have a world of peace and love where universal brotherhood will rule the hearts of us all irrespective of religion, Caste and status.

10. There will be a New Society with Multi Tier structure and the present structure may disappear.