9) Monitoring and Accounting:

          Regular and timely monitoring of this program will be made. Periodical reports on the progress and effectiveness of the project will be submitted to you without fail since this project will be executed in consultation with all the net working NGOs in the proposed region and also by internal and external team of professionals. The persons taking responsibilities will concentrate exclusively this project alone and therefore the implementation and monitoring of the entire program will be done strictly and regularly. 

10) Future Plan:

          The future plans of this project are as mentioned in the Goal and Objectives. We aspire to make the project more effective with your kind support and also we may be in a better atmosphere to continue this project in the future with your support. Also we are making efforts to tap the local resources whatever is possible within our limitation by our own sacrifices. We will create local volunteers and the NGOs to continue the project. 

Thanking you

Respectfully submitted

Fr. R. Isaac. OFM. Cap., MSW(CD)      

(President NCN-UNIT-Dindigul Region)