Video 2007 --->Prestation de serment des "élus" au Parlement

A 1) Violence under the pretexts of Caste, Creed, Religion, Status etc…

    2) Lack of platform for the voiceless and small people (children, youth, poor and needy) to speak and participate in planning, budgeting, implementing and monitoring etc…

    3) Lack of skilled knowledge and education.

    4) School dropouts.

    5) Child labour

    6) Child tracking and child trafficking.

    7) Medias’ negative influences.

    8) Child abuse and Child marriage.

    10) Environmental pollution and destruction.

    11) Child Right violations.

    12) Female infanticide and bonded labourers.

    13) Lack of psycho social care to the children in difficult circumstances.

    14) Unavailability of Lab to provide better personality development programs and leadership training programs, PRA and PLA, Non violent communication, Non competitive attitude, etc...

    15) To overcome staffing and financial problems to train and implement the concept of NPC.

    16) To root out all the ant-social elements and Corruptions with the new leadership of SYNERGY.

    17) Rectifying the vacuum and inadequacy found in Panchayath system by providing an alternative form of small neighbourhood forums which ensures:


 - better representative character as it includes all

 - better transparency

 - better answerability and accountability

 - permanency and sustainability (people stay around in the neighbourhood and the structure cannot fall down because it is already at the base)

 - better accessibility

 - better organizability

 - better coverage.

    18) The problem of being unaware or being negligent of our traditional medicines and its values in the rural areas.

    19) To rectify the problem the unavailability of brochures, articles, newsletters, books and booklets pertaining to this concept.

20) Throwing up model pilot programmes.

B. 1) Lack of awareness among the people of the importance of Biodiversity.

2) Failure of people to appreciate the consequences of using inappropriate technology

3) Failure of economic markets to recognize and address the problems associated with the over use of biological resources

4) Increasing human migration, Travel and International trade etc…