What lessons have you drawn on from past experience in putting together this initiative?

Lessons learned from the past 5 years include:

1) Highest need of a Lab with all the facilities to implement this beautiful and innovative concept all over the nation and across the nation.

2) Needs number of animators and coordinators in the block level , district level, zonel level, state level, national level and across the national level.

3) There is a deep need to establish a children resource center where the children all over the state can have access to get whatever the knowledge or skills, etc.. they need to obtain so.

4) Need for publishing a newsletter of a monthly magazine for the children alone by themselves.

5) Need for a well furnished training Lab to disseminate the concept and for the children to assemble for any of their common purposes.

6) Only the NPC can effectively bring a social change and create a just society as they take up the future leadership with attitudinal changes and the developed India will be possible only with this approach.

The Impact of the Concept / The Achievements:

1) The children from the children’s parliament have participated in the Grama Sabha (village panchayath meetings) and expressed their local social needs through their petitions and have made effect some of their suggestions and this has been taking place in many villages.

2) In many panchayaths they have organized talents day where the children were encouraged in Drawing, Writing, Singing, Dancing, Sports, so as to encourage them to identify their capacity where on they could build their future.

3) Many children parliaments have taken initiatives to keep their villages clean and continue to promote environment protection and thus promote proper health and hygiene and Planted thousands of trees to reduce the global warming and made efforts to protect the Biodiversity.

 4) In one village the children have taken initiatives and moved their panchayaths

 Leaders to build a new bridge worth about 59,00,000/- and a new Road facilities for three kilometers to their interior village.

 5) They have made efforts through their intervention of petitions and moved the panchayaths leaders to clear the Encroachments in the bus stops and in the public places.

 6) Provided with good drinking water facility and street light facilities.

 7) The number of school drop outs is reduced into nil in many places because the children themselves become responsible to bring the children to school in their parliament.

 8) The child labor problem is being reduced because of their intervention and initiatives. (By their peer group influence.)

 9) The educational standard of the children have improved since they take up the responsibilities for themselves.

10) The children grow with Self Confidence, with Self Disciplines and develop appropriate communication skills and their personal talents.

11) There exists among the children in the NPC the practice of Equality without any discrimination of Caste, Religion, Social status etc… Thus trying to create Peace, conflict resolutions in the society.

12) Organizing Rally and Signature campaigns against world poverty and created great awareness among the people regarding the Millennium development Goals of the world leaders and raised their voices towards the world leader to keep up their promises in eradication of world utter and Inequality within 2015 years.

13) The NPC children are taught PRA and on 28th December 2008 the children 157 in number the representatives from 19 districts gathered at Trichy and did their PRA regarding their own districts and specially regarding their areas. They have done it in two days time and as for as our knowledge concerns this achievement is first attempt made by the children in India. As the follow up the trained children are taking initiatives to teach to other children in their own districts and try to implement the findings.

14) Thus the children themselves become the resource person to the children and to the society in the process.

15) A new water tank was brought to a village through their intervention.

There are lot more achievement stories and that will be availed for your perusal in detail when you need it. There is also video witness to all those achievements in the attached document file for your kind information.

16) On 28th of Sep 2008 we had organized children state level convention at Chennai Madras School of Social work and that was awarded by UNICEF internationally.

17) On 27th Sep 2009 we had organized children and youth state level convention at Bishop Heber College, Trichy. There was a Rally with more than 1500 children and hundreds of youth and ended with a common parliamentary session where the resolutions were submitted to the Government for their perusal.

How long is the initiative likely to last and how will the project achieve sustainability?

The proposed scale-up and integration initiative outlined here will last at least for 5 years (until Dec 2015). We will be able to reach out all the children within this stipulated period and once the children grow up to a particular stage of crossing their minor age of 18, then they become volunteers as Youth to carry on the mission. There may not be any paid staff at that stage of development and until then the support is a must.

How does this initiative relate to the Strategy of Philippe Sauvage and Associates, France.

This initiative shall directly contribute to the following objectives of Philippe Sauvage and Associates, France.

 1) Promoting peace and conflict resolution and thus establish communal harmony.

 2) Promoting effectively Gandhi’s philosophy of Grama Swaraj and help them to grow with appropriate leadership qualities and matured personality growth.

 3) Youth and sensitization program.

 4) Promoting the protection of Biodiversity and Environmental justice, water, Forests, Global warming.

5) Establishment of a lab to be promoted to the entire nation and make it self sustainable in the future.